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Our Team / Our Staff

Jiratchaya  “NaNa” Kasemsote
Restaurant Hospitality/Front of the House Manager

     The Daughter of a successful Thai Farmer, who after University and an Advance Degree found herself working on Biology Research Projects and a demand and the opportunity, brought her to immigrate to the United States, joining a Multinational Institute, working locally here in South Florida in the Medical Research Field.  This transition and living within the many cultures of South Florida and the vast Dining opportunities lead to her fascination and passion, specifically” Fine Dining”. This new interest lead quickly to the realization of the many entrepreneurial   opportunities available and a dynamic career change.   After gaining experience in all facets of the Restaurant Industry and also receiving formal training at the Highly Respected Cordon Bleu Baking School in Paris, France she decided to take a leap of Faith and risk and fill a void she discovered locally with her venture at “Lanna Thai with a “higher end” approach and presentation of Traditional Thai Cuisine and Sushi.  She is your Host and the driving force and energy behind this effort.

Front of the House Hospitality and Service Staff

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Head Sushi Manager

Assistant Sushi Chef

Over the last several years, Lucky has been training and been Mentored by some of the best in some of the leading Sushi establishments in South Florida.  He has been marked as an up and comer in the Sushi Chef community.  We as a Team benefit from his support and the Passion he brings to his efforts every day, we will all grow together and our guest will enjoy the journey he gains in creativity and presentation also.

Aekkaphon “Eiam” Kangsavanith
Head Thai Chef

Eiam since graduating from Bangkok University with A Degree in Food and Nutrition and then an Advanced degree from Rajamangala University of Technology in Food and Nutrition, he spent 7 years in the advanced hotel and Hospitality Training program at Sukhothai Hotel before administering Cooking Instruction classes for universities and Institutes in Germany, China and Singapore.  He spent several years as the Head executive Chef at The Hotel Bahrain and was recently the head Chef at Alabama in Miami.  He brings over 20 years of Executive Kitchen management and Head Chef Experience to our Team and we all benefit from his talent and experience, none more than our cherished Dining Guests.

 Chamnian “Paul” Bangkunarak
Assistant Thai Chef

    Know by our team as the man of knowledge and wisdom and one who is always happy and willing to share and help with growth of those beginning in the Hospitality Industry, He is  a Journey men Executive Chef with over 35 years  in many leading Thai Restaurants and Private Catering efforts in the LA area, Paul was also known for being the personal Chef for the Late Marlon Brando.  Moving east for the change of Life Styles and tranquility of the Palm Beach area, Paul has been affiliated with some of the more noteworthy Restaurants in the area and was involved as a leader in the Private Catering Business in Palm Beach community for many Seasons.

Eddie, Vilma and Antonio
Kitchen Utility support

Our support Staff is “Cross Trained” to move up the latter. Their  energetic  and passionate efforts show that all members of our “Team” are committed to assisting in the effort to present to you the finest of Culinary and Baking products throughout your dining experience with us at Lanna Thai.

Oraphan “Aun” Wichairat
Administrative Operations Manager

Aun is the eldest daughter of a stay at home mom and a Traditional Thai Craftsmen, Construction Engineer and Manager of a leading Construction Company.  After Graduation from Burapha University and then upon completion of an MBA Program, Aun was hired by a notable Thai /American Family to be the Administrator and Manager of their American Business Ventures and settled in the Los Angeles California area. After 10 plus years of the rigors of travelling in support of the family’s competitive efforts and surviving the hustle-bustle of the Southern California life style, she was open to move to “Paradise and the challenge of helping to shape and Administer the operations of a growing Restaurant Group and joined on with the Restaurant One Team.  We have all benefited from her administrative structuring, IT experience with the Business side of using  Social Media to be competitive and bring our Business effort to the local communities and along with her professional excellence,  we have all enjoyed the artistic  side and Thai warmth she has brought to our effort.